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Five Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

While there certainly are plenty of plumbing issues small enough that homeowners can schedule a service appointment a few days out and exercise patience in getting the problem corrected, it is not uncommon at all for many of our customers to call us in a panic because of emergency plumbing concerns causing major damage while they are talking to us on the phone.

Since many homeowners in and around Monroe, WA are not equipped to handle these types of problems themselves, they call GPS Plumbing, their emergency plumbing service, to come and save the day.

The following are five of the most common plumbing emergencies an emergency plumber may need to fix in a hurry:

#1 Toilet Overflowing

Nearly everybody has had the pleasure of dealing with a stopped-up toilet at some point in their life, and the fact is that this is one of the most common (and most frustrating) plumbing issues that homeowners can undertake. While a plunger is a great place to start, sometimes that doesn’t resolve the issue. In that case—especially if water is spilling out onto your floor—an emergency plumber may be ideal to fix a malfunctioning float mechanism or major clog. In any event, turn off the water as soon as possible to avoid causing any more damage.

#2 Burst Pipes

No plumbing emergency causes more damage than a burst pipe, which can send many, many gallons of water into unwanted areas in a short period. Most often, this happens as a result of corrosion caused over time, but if you do find yourself in a situation where this happens to you, shut the water off as soon as possible and contact GPS Plumbing to begin the process of repairing the pipe.

#3 Clogged Drains

While store-bought unclogging chemicals can do wonders on clogged drains, sometimes those clogs are too severe for that alone to do the trick. Over time, grease, coffee grounds, and other heavy materials can build up in your pipes, causing a blockage that requires the help of an emergency plumber.

#4 Sump Pump Malfunction

One of the easiest ways to flood a basement is for the sump pump to stop functioning. These are designed to push water away from your house,and any sort of malfunction could cause the opposite, so if you notice water rising in your basement, there is a good chance that something is wrong with the device designed to keep it out of there. The sooner you call a plumber in this case, the better.

#5 Water Leaks

There are all sorts of pipes running through your home to carry water to various rooms, but if you notice water spots on the walls or your ceiling, it’s possible that something somewhere is leaking and causing water damage in the drywall and insulation. If you see these water spots or, even worse, drips or streams of water where they shouldn’t be, call your 24-hour emergency plumbing service immediately.

Here at GPS Plumbing, we want to be the people you trust to handle these types of plumbing emergencies when they happen. It’s never a fun thing to deal with these issues, but least you can rest easy knowing that professionals have everything under control.

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