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Mike came over, gave me a reasonable quote and was able to schedule me in very quickly. He was extremely professional and did a fantastic job! I will strongly recommend him for any plumbing needs.


Late on a Thursday afternoon, we discovered a leak in the metal piping leading from the well to our house. The pipe was very old and corroded, and had been punctured by shrub roots close to the house. The punctures were located in a portion of the pipe that couldn't be sealed or otherwise repaired. We contacted Mike Grady at GPS Plumbing, Inc. who was highly recommended by Lanny at American Pump and Well in Snohomish (another great Angie's List service provider). Mike expedited our request, as this was an emergency and we would be without water for several days. On Thursday evening, Mike arrived at the house to decide on a course of action and to see what supplies were needed. He then emailed an estimate of what it would cost with a Senior discount and tax. He arrived early on Monday morning as promised, and worked steadily to complete the job by mid-afternoon despite a torrential rain and thunderstorm. Mike did an excellent re-piping job and cleanup. He refilled the trench with dirt and replaced the grass he removed. We will definitely use him again for any plumbing work that we may need in the future.


Mike was very responsive to my phone call and was able to come out sooner than originally planned. He assessed the situation and was able to remove an old damaged flange and install a new metal flange to the cement floor without having to cut into the floor. He attached the new toilet, caulked it and tested it to make sure everything was working. He cleaned up after himself and from start to finish was completed within 2 hours.


Mike arrived on time, excellent service & price as quoted.


Very attentive, responsive. Called in the am for appointment and came in the afternoon. Very reasonable with price. Will use again for bigger project. Thank you!


It was a wonderful experience. Mike is the real deal. He is pleasant, convivial, and easy to talk to. He came in and got the job done quickly and efficiently and at a fair price. The way he cut the sheetrock was masterful. He beveled the edge when he cut it out and it fit right back into the hole ready to be taped and mudded with no need to install a backer. Very nice work. Fit. Flush. Tight. Professional. Mike is now my go-to plumber as far as I'm concerned.


They were very courteous. They did suggest that I replace some of the tubing from the toilet to the wall because it was fragile tubing, so they replaced that. I was happy with the suggestion. I have had to call them for advice and they were courteous. When they weren't going to get paid for it, they still answered my questions. The cleanup was excellent.


As our homes are of similar ages, please be aware of your aging hot water tanks... We just happened to hear dripping water one evening, found our 17 years old (at least) Rheem Gas hot water tank leaking out the bottom in garage. We caught it before it flooded into house or garage. I had a hose handy in garage to start the draining process (lucky), then I tried to turn the water off and found the gate valve at top of the tank was defective, I then had to turn off the water to the house. Not fun... No running water... I did have emergency water in my garage that came in handy. I searched for well rated plumbers. At 8pm in the evening, I ended up leaving a voice message with GPS Plumbing in Monroe. I felt this well rated single owner business (versus the big commercial guys) might be able to respond quicker. Sure enough, Mike Grady, owner, called me back that evening (after 8pm), asked me to send him some pictures, He responded with an estimate that I accepted. He was able to make it out by 1pm the next day and got us back on line. Professional, quality, timely install. New tank, new shutoff valve, new drain tub under tank!


GPS Plumbing owner Mike Grady was very professional, knowledgeable, kind, funny, and took time to explain every step of this process to us. We are very impressed with Mike's performance as a Plumber and also with his polite, understanding and helpful personality. It's been a pleasure to get to know Mike. Thank you!


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