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Five signs your shower needs an upgrade

The truth of bathroom redesign is that most of us could watch an episode or two of a remodel show on HGTV and walk away with an overwhelming desire to overhaul our homes regardless of how much they may need it. Sometimes, though, a bathroom makeover goes beyond the “want” and traverses instead toward “need.” Here at GPS Plumbing, we can help with certain aspects of a shower remodel, but in order for us to do our best work, we’ll need to diagnose what’s wrong.

Long before one of our professionals ever shows up to your home, however, these signs could give you a sense that it’s time to consider updating or upgrading your shower.

#1 Fixtures Are Broken or Leaking

Even if you are unable to completely redesign your bathroom, sometimes adding a new showerhead and/or faucet is enough to at least improve the functionality of your shower. If you are seeing leaks from your fixtures even when the water is supposed to be shut off, you may be in need of a replacement. Furthermore, if the showerhead is no longer supplying adequate water pressure and you’re not sure why, that also is something we can fix. In fact, of all the ways in which a shower could be in need of repairs, that is the quickest and most affordable to correct.

#2 You’ve Got Mold

If you are noticing black or dark green spots on the showerhead or in other areas of your shower, you’ve got some mold to deal with one way or another. While your first step should be to clean the mold out of your shower, the chances are good it will return if the conditions were right for it to grow in the first place. A redesigned shower with better ventilation could be a better long-term fix for this.

#3 Shower Tiles Are Chipped or Cracked

Not only are chipped or cracked tiles in your shower unattractive, but they also can be dangerous. You don’t want to cut your foot or hand on exposed, broken tiles, and if you can’t repair it in a way that is aesthetically-pleasing, it may be better to just replace the entire thing.

#4 Shower Door is Broken or Outdated

On the one hand, shower doors exist to keep water inside your tub or basin, but on the other hand, shower doors are meant to make the room look nice, as they very often are all we see of the shower while in the bathroom. If your shower doors are leaking, failing to close, or simply look outdated, that could be one way in which you decide to invest in an upgrade.

#5 You Don’t Like the Way It Looks

The easiest excuse to update a shower is because it’s objectively not attractive. What may have been a trendy upgrade could look totally outdated at this point, and with so many gorgeous shower design options these days, doing a full remodel can yield some truly lovely results.

If you are considering a bathroom shower remodel in Monroe, Washington or its surrounding areas, give us a call here at GPS Plumbing so we can help you eliminate leaks, improve aesthetics, and ensure that you absolutely love your new shower, which could very well be part of an entirely new bathroom.

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