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The Benefits of Remodeling Your Bathroom

Most homebuyers understand that purchasing a new home means accepting it for all its warts, especially knowing that certain things can be changed over time. Bathrooms, for example, are the sort of thing that people know they can update once they’ve got the budget to do so, and it feels good when that time comes. No more ugly wood vanities, outdated mirrors, and brass faucets.

Of course, this does require an investment, but that investment can return a lot of excellent benefits, including the following:

#1 Increase the Value of Your Home

First and foremost, many bathroom remodels actually can return some value on the cost of the home, meaning you should be able to recoup some of the investment you made into the home. In fact, just replacing outdated fixtures like sinks, toilets, and tubs and increase the value by $2,000 or more, so not only do you get to enjoy the new bathroom, but you also get your money back on the back end.

#2 Improve Energy Efficiency

Not only can you add value to your home, but you also could lower your monthly utilities bills by updating to more energy-efficient bathroom fixtures. High-efficiency shower heads and sinks, for example can save on water and the energy it takes to heat the water, while higher-efficiency lights can lower your electric bills. This type of bathroom shower remodel can look better and lower your monthly bills.

#3 Correct Long Standing Issues

There is a good chance that some bathroom feature or another has been driving you crazy for years, whether that be a leaky faucet, a loose toilet seat, or chipped floor tiles. While remodeling a bathroom is done with an eye toward improving the entire package, perhaps the most cathartic part of any remodel is fixing those areas that have been incorrect or broken for entirely too long in the first place.

#4 Improve Functionality

Another major benefit of remodeling a bathroom comes with the improved functionality of the space, especially if you’re tearing it down to the studs. Some people choose to add more space, but there also are options for moving features around to be more functional and spacious. You could add cabinets or shelves, replace a big bathtub with a shower, or install vanities with built-in storage—all with an eye toward making the room more practical.

#5 Add Luxury & Modernity

The main reason so many people opt to update their bathroom is because they want it to look nicer. Whether you are modernizing plumbing fixtures, vanities, or even décor, the end result is a bathroom that looks more lavish and less dated.

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