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The Most Common Causes of a Leaky Faucet

When it comes to all the different plumbing issues that exist, a leaky faucet is far from the direst of emergencies a homeowner could face. That isn’t to say it is completely harmless, though, because leaky faucets can negatively affect a monthly water bill in a major way. Not only that, but the incessant dripping can be a major annoyance that, depending on where the drip is, could even keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.

More importantly, ignoring a simple repair can turn into a much more expensive fix if left too long. A little sink or bathtub faucet repair now could save you literally hundreds of dollars somewhere down the line, so keeping an eye out for the most common causes of a leaky faucet could help you call GPS Plumbing in time to get the problem corrected quickly.

#1 You’ve Got a Bad O-Ring

Many of the sinks we deal with are cartridge sinks, which use rubber O-rings to seal the gaps between the cartridge and other internal parts. Anybody with any experience using O-rings knows that they eventually wear down over time, and that could easily be the problem with your leaky sink. Whether it’s just an O-ring or the entire cartridge that needs to be replaced, the fix is a quick one for the professionals at GPS Plumbing.

#2 The Valve Seat Has Corroded

The valve seat is the connection between the faucet and spout, and accumulating sediment inside that valve seat can cause it to corrode, creating leaks around the spout area. The best way to keep this from happening is to clean the valve seat regularly to keep that sediment from causing problems.

#3 There’s a Problem with the Washer

When a washer has either worn out or been installed improperly, it can cause leaks in your faucet. A worn-out washer is one of the most common causes to this problem that we see in compression faucets, and replacing that rubber washer is a fairly quick and affordable solution to the problem. If the washer wasn’t installed correctly in the first place, consider hiring a professional to correct that.

#4 Your Water Pressure is Too High

If your faucet is only leaking at certain times of day or during certain behaviors, there is a chance the problem could just be related to water pressure issues. When the water pressure is off-balance, it can prevent water from other drains from flowing away properly, leaving the faucet to drip since the water has nowhere else to go. Reducing the water pressure in your home could help solve the problem in these instances.

GPS Plumbing is happy to help get your leaky faucet back in proper working condition, so if you’ve got bathroom or kitchen faucet repair needs, consider giving us a call before things get out of hand. Leaky faucets may not seem like a major problem, but they can turn into one quickly. That, combined with a lower water bill and an end to the unceasing drop noises, make fixing this issue quickly a clear priority for homeowners.

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