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Your main waterline to your house is your lifeline, so anything that goes wrong with that main waterline can be catastrophic for the daily operation of your home. Imagine not being able to drink water from your faucet or flush your toilet or take a shower. A main waterline issue can cause all of those problems and more. GPS Plumbing employs qualified technicians who provide the plumbing services necessary to get your home back up and running in no time.

Common Main Waterline Problems

Most waterline damage comes in the form of holes or cracks in pipes caused by external corrosion from soil and frost. The pipes that make up your waterline are pressurized, so when one of these cracks or holes does occur, the water will start leaking into the ground around the buried pipe, eventually making its way up to the surface.

Other than creating odd puddles in your yard, this type of damage can lead to flooded basements. Most homes have a shut-off valve that should allow you to stop water flow into your house if the public utility company hasn’t already shut it off at the street. This will help staunch the flooding and keep your basement from incurring water damage.

It is imperative that you stop using your water-based appliances and that you do not drink the water if you suspect you may have waterline damage, as it can contaminate the water, making it non potable.

How to Tell if Your Main Water Line is Damaged

It often is difficult to recognize main waterline damage from aboveground, but if you start to notice wet spots or mildew on your floors and walls, especially in your basement, that could be an indication that it’s time to call GPS Plumbing. If you are at all concerned, shut off your water immediately and start making the appropriate phone calls to initiate the process of repairing that main waterline.

Repairing a Main Waterline

GPS Plumbing sometimes can repair lines, but if we must replace a full line, we make sure the work is done professionally with high-quality parts. We also use the latest technology in trenchless installation, which allows us to work on main water lines without digging into your yard. We can get in and out without it looking like we were ever there, working easily underground, including under driveways and roads.

Plenty of people are comfortable undertaking minor plumbing repairs in their home, such as tightening up a leaky sink or fiddling around with a toilet that won’t flush properly. However, main waterline replacement is a huge job during which a lot of things can go wrong if the work isn’t handled by a professional.

Contact GPS Plumbing

In the end, a service technician from GPS Plumbing will be so much more qualified to handle the work and ensure that your water is working correctly and safely. Nobody wants to put all that work into a DIY fix, only to call the plumber to clean up after their mess, so if you have questions about your main waterline damage and would like GPS Plumbing to have a look, give us a call to set up an appointment and talk with our experts today.

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